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Nayer 3 Wax
Nayer 3 Wax

Nayer 3 Wax

 Nayer 3 Wax:
Nayer 3 wax, in two honey- and olive- scent types, is a practical and easy way to remove extra hair.. This product includes natural and glucose-free compounds. Nayer 3 wax also uproots the extra hair and gives certain brightness and gentleness to the skin. Using of this wax is a very easy and most efficient and stable method for epilation.
Nayer 3 Wax is supplied in weights of 400 and 800 grams, with two fragrances of honey and lemon.
Instructions for use:
First liquate some of wax in a container through an indirect heat up to 50ºC -60ºC. Then spread 2 or 3 layers with a spatula in hair growth direction, and pull it off slowly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hairs root will be removed with no pain, and you can enjoy soft and gentle skin for weeks.
Please clean the waxed area with Nayer cleansing liquid.
• do not use over sensitive skins, varicose areas, spots, cracked, scratched or sunburned skin.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• It is necessary to liquate the product slowly through an indirect heat.
• Please test for sensitivity in a small part of your body, before use.
• Always keep in dry and cool place far from sunshine.
• not use water to clean up the skin after depilation.
• Do not use at least 2 hours after bathing, in pool, and or under sun bathe
• It is not suggested to old persons and diabetic patients to use this product.
• If you are under therapy for some dermal lesion and you take special medication for this purpose, please consult with your physician before use of this product.