محصولات آرایشی بهداشتی نیر
Nayer wax cartridge

Nayer wax cartridge, in two honey- and olive- scent types, is a practical and easy way to remove extra hair. This product includes natural and glucose-free compounds. Nayer wax cartridge also uproots the extra hair and gives certain brightness and gentleness to the skin. Using of Nayer wax cartridge is a very easy and most efficient and stable method for epilation.

Method of use:
Please wash the given point of body with water and soap and dry it up before using Nayer wax cartridge.
First of all, insert Nayer wax cartridge inside cartridge specific heater device to be prepared for epilation. Then, rub it by roller obliquely toward the same direction with growth of extra hair and put the cloth specific for epilation on this point and rub it by tip of fingers or palm for a few seconds. Afterwards, drag the skin with one hand while drawing the epilation specific cloth from the opposite side of hair growth by another hand and finally clean up the skin by means of Nair special scrubber pad or Nayer cleaning solution to wipe out the remained wax on this position. After epilation, please sterilize your skin with antibacterial creams. Now, you can experience gentleness and soft skin for 4 weeks.

❖ Keep it away from children’s access.
❖ Do not use water to clean up the skin after epilation with Nayer wax cartridge.
❖ Prevent from using Nayer wax cartridge in the sensitive, injured, bruised, and burned points of body. Similarly, it is not recommended to use this product over mole, wart, and varicose points.
❖ Do not use Nayer wax cartridge at least 2 hours after bathing, in pool, and or under sun bathe.
❖ It is not suggested to old persons and diabetic patients to use this product.
❖ The pregnant women may use this product. The red skin may appear more severally than normal persons in these individuals. If you agree, you can consult with your physician.
❖ Before use, you should test the sensitivity on small part of your body and then wait for 24hours and then continue your effort if no symptom was seen. Please avoid from continuing these stages in the case of sensitivity occurrence.
It is unlikely that your skin to become red after use of this product but there is no problem because it will be removed after short time.
❖ If you are under therapy for some dermal lesion and you take special medication for this purpose, please consult with your physician before use of this product.